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Xinyue Ye


Xinyue is a PhD candidate in the joint program between SDSU and UCSB. His Ph.D. dissertation is Comparative Space-Time Dynamics, which is funded by U.S. National Science Foundation/Human and Social Dynamics (Grant BCS-0433132). He received a ESRI/GIScience 2004 scholarship among 23 global recipients. As one among the 18 national recipients, he was awarded UCGIS Paper Award in Summer 2006. In 2008, he received Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Award (DDRI) from National Science Foundation (Award #0826594).

Regarding English publications, he has FIVE journal papers, TWO book chapters, FIVE book reviews and FIVE peer reviewed proceedings papers. He has also served as reviewers for EIGHT international journals, ranging from economic geography to land use modeling.

Currently, he is the instructor of GEOG 385 Spatial Data Analysis.

In the spare time, he enjoys writing drama and publishing lyrics/poems (check here for published poems, lyrics and more...).

Contact him at Mailing Address: 4981 Catoctin Dr Apt 17, San Diego, CA 92115

His doctoral committee is composed of five outstanding scholars:

Before arriving at California, he has been working with other three famous scholars: Drs. Yehua Dennis Wei (Utah), Yichun Xie (Eastern Michigan), Michael Batty (London).

His publications are in International Journal of Geographical Information Science, International Regional Science Review, Regional Studies, Eurasian Geography and Economics, Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie (TESG: Journal of Economic and Social Geography), among others.

He has been a highly collaborative researcher in a dozen of cooperative projects sponsored by the US National Science Foundation, US National Geographic Society, Wisconsin and Michigan State/local agencies, China National Science Foundation and Zhejiang Province and local agencies (China). Besides STARS and PySal, the significant ones include, CA-MAS Approach Exploring Urban Sprawl and Emergence: Modeling Urban Dynamics in Metropolitan Detroit, Dynamic Zipf's Law and Urban System Evolution, Comparative Tempo-Spatial Pattern Analysis of Landuse Change, Point Pattern Analysis Of Gastroenteritis in Jamaica, Regional Inequality/Development in China, Private Enterprises and Urbanization in China, Human Settlement Assessment System in China's Urban Areas, Migration and Economic Development in Extended Metropolitan Areas in China.


Xinyue is a member of the following REGAL projects: STARS, PySAL

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