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Robyn Clark

Phone: 619.594.8034
Fax: 619.594.4938
Office: Storm Hall 320A

Research Fields

Hydrologic Modeling, Remote Sensing


Robyn is a student in the joint doctoral program in geography at UCSB/SDSU. She is a a physical geographer with a background in remote sensing and environmental modeling. Her research interests include conceptual rainfall runoff modeling of river discharge in Mediterranean-type ecosystems, low flow predictions for water management in semi-arid regions, and regionalization techniques for predicting discharge in ungauged catchments.

Her current research involves ensemble modeling, a new approach to regionalization which incorporates a suite of model parameters and alternative model structures to produce a weighted prediction of flow. Her other research interests include multicriteria optimization techniques, quantifying data and model uncertainty in model predictions, incorporating remotely sensed data in hydrologic modeling studies, land use/land cover change, and global climate change.

Her technical interests include image processing and spatial statistics.


Robyn is a member of the following REGAL project: STARS


  • M.A. Geography, San Diego State University
  • B.A. Geography, San Diego State University

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