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Leonardo Monasterio


Leonardo Monasterio is a Professor of Economics at the Department of Geography and Economics at the Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil. In 2005, he spent three months in San Diego learning and working with the REGAL team.

His broader research objective is the application of quantitative methods to regional economic history issues. His previous work dealt with long-term development and regional inequalities of Rio Grande do Sul, a state in southern Brazil. These research projects were supported by the National Science Council of Brazil (CNPq) and FAPERGS.

Since April 2006, he holds an appointment as visiting research fellow at the Institute for the Study of Americas University of London.


Leonardo's current project is Spatial Dynamics of the Brazilian Economic Activity in the Twentieth Century:"Path Dependency" or "Reversal of Fortune? It analyses how spatial differences in the nineteenth century socio-economic structures in Brazil determined further regional development. He has received a postdoctoral CNPq scholarship in order to develop the study at the University of London.

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