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Boris Dev

Phone: 619.398.6419
Fax: 619.594.4938
Office: REGAL


Boris Dev is a Research Associate and Ph.D. Candidate in the joint program between the Department of Geography at San Diego State University and University of California of Santa Barbara.

Research Specialty: His research deals with developing new computational ways of analyzing how patterns on maps change over time. A result of this research, it is hoped, will be the creation of new ways for people to explore information that can be mapped, leveraging the power of combining computers and geographic data. All presentation of Boris's research results will be based on the open-source model of being transperant for others to understand and modify, and available for free.

Research Interests: Exploratory analysis of geographic data with a current focus in the geographies of disease, economic growth and poverty. Geovisualization is a major component of this research.

Peripheral interests: The role of geography in the history and philosophy of science. The geographies of food, indegenous peoples, language, war, mountain regions for climbing and snowboarding.

Proposed Dissertation Title

Exploratory Data Analysis of Change in Human Geography: Some new methods in open-source geocomputation


Member of the following REGAL projects: STARS, PySAL.
Assist with Journal of International Regional Science Review

Applied Working Papers

The Geography of Economic Freedom: An application of ESDA to the 'Economic Freedom Index'
The Geography of Poverty Traps: An application of ESDA to county income convergence

Methods Working Papers

The spatial effects of sigma convergence (published)
Statistical tests of sigma convergence in the presence of spatial shocks
Filtering nuisance spatial dependence when measuring sigma convergence
Detecting a spatial diffusion process using time-series information from Moran's scatterplot


2004 Western Regional Science Conference
2005 North Amercian Regional Science Conference
2006 Spatial Econometrics Workshop
2006 United Nations, Food and Agricultural Organization

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