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Welcome to REGAL

The Regional Analysis Laboratory (REGAL) is a collaborative research group within the Department of Geography, San Diego State University. REGAL research focuses on the development and application of state of the art open source tools in the areas of regional science, economic geography, geocomputation and geovisualization. REGAL's computational resources reside in the Center for Earth Systems Analysis Research (CESAR).

REGAL is home to the software project STARS: Space-Time Analysis of Regional Systems. An open source package written in Python, STARS is designed to support exploratory analysis of data having both spatial and temporal dimensions.


2008-02-01 Congratulations to Myrna L. Sastré Gutiérrez for successfully defending her doctoral dissertation Analisis espacio-tiempo de la distribucion del ingreso en México: 1940-2000.

2007-11-19 Congratulations to Maribel Elias for successfully defending her thesis Educational Performance and Spatial Convergence in Peru.

2007-11-13 Serge Rey presented Exploratory space time data analysis at the Survey Research Center, University of California, Berkeley.

2007-11-07 Three presentations from REGAL given at the North American Meetings of the Regional Science Association, Savannah, GA. Serge Rey and Xinyue Ye gave the paper Comparative Spatial Dynamics of Regional Systems, Serge Rey and Julie Le Gallo presented Spatial analysis of regional convergence, and Serge Rey and Myrna Sastre Gutierrez presented Interregional inequality dynamics in Mexico.

2007-11-02 Congradulations to Xuening Li for successfully defending here thesis P-region Based Estimation of Disease Rates.

2007-05-03 The paper PySAL a Python library for spatial analytical methods by Serge Rey and Luc Anselin appears in the Review of Regional Studies.

2007-01-31 The paper Comparative tempo-spatial pattern analysis: CTSPA by Y. Xie and Xinyue Ye appears in the International Journal of Geographic Information Science.

2006-12-15 Congratulations to Mark Janikas for successfully completing his Ph.D. Dissertation. Following this acheivement Mark has joined Environmental Systems Research Incorporated where he is working on Python and spatial analysis.

2006-10-14 Special issue of Papers in Regional Science. Eckhardt Bode and Serge Rey guest edit a themed issue of Papers in Regional Science on the spatial dimensions of economic growth and convergence. The issue includes a paper on spatial sigma convergence by Serge and Boris Dev.

2006-05-28 REGAL Python Lectures Featured in Python 411 Podcast. A number of lectures on Python from the course Open Source Tools for Geographic Research are being featured in the Podcast Python 411.

2006-02-03 Janikas Awarded NSF Dissertation Improvement Award. Congratulations to Mark Janikas for receiving a Dissertation Improvement Award from the National Science Foundation.

2006-01-20 Special issue of Geographical Analysis on Tools. Serge Rey and Luc Anselin guest edit a themed issue of Geographical Analysis on recent advances in spatial analysis software for the social sciences. A paper by Serge and Mark Janikas on STARS appears in the issue, among contributions by Anselin, Bivand, Levine, Okabe, Samet, Xiao, and others. The full table of contents is available here.

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